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What is PDR?

PDR (paintless dent removal) is the art of removing dents, creases, and hail damage without the need of body fillers or paint, while preserving your automobile’s factory finish. This process is done by getting behind the dent with very specialized tools and techniques, and making small pushes in a tight pattern to massage the dent or dents out.


Can all dents be fixed with PDR?

IF THE PAINT IS NOT BROKEN, MOST dents are repairable by PDR.   Remember PDR is short for Paintless Dent Repair.  This is not intended for crash damage where your vehicle has paint damage, rust, or mangled parts.  However, if you have a dent on a body line, fold or edge, these dents in most cases CAN be repaired.  Paint damage, Location, and Access are the first three factors to look to determine if your damage is repairable via PDR.


Can I choose the shop of my choice to do the repairs on my vehicle?

Yes, insurance companies can’t dictate where you repair your vehicle. They may have a list of “preferred” vendors or ” direct repair facilities” that they have contracted an agreed labor rate but remember it is YOUR choice.


Does PDR work on Aluminum panels?

YES!  Don’t let anyone tell you this cannot be done. Aluminum reacts differently than steel because it doesn’t have the same “memory” or properties, but this does not mean that it is unrepairable.  It simply takes a bit more skill combined with more time. Cost is generally 25% higher.


Will my paint be damaged by PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair does not harm the factory finish of your car.  All cars have a protective clear coat over the paint that protects it from getting damaged by minor debris.  If your paint survived the impact, PDR will not damage it.  If the paint is cracked initially from impact, PDR is probably not your best solution as it may get worse with dent removal process.


Do you repair all makes and models?

We work on all makes and models of the oldest to the newest vehicles on the market including vintage cars, motorcycles, semi-trucks.


Is PDR cheaper than a traditional auto-body shop?

Yes, in most cases close to half of the cost of a body-shop repair.  The reason being, there is no panel replacement and no paint cost with PDR.  In most cases, a body shop will have to replace the panel or fill the dent with body filler, and in all cases, this will require paint.  Generally, shops will paint adjacent panels as well to ensure color match. This process ends up being costly and unnecessary for minor damage.


Will the dents come back?

No, Once repaired properly, the dents will never return.  Dent Vision backs this with a %100 lifetime guarantee.  It is important that your vehicle gets the proper repair the first time.


Is PDR something that I can try and do from home?

This is not recommended as PDR is a trained process with very unique tools and methodology to ensure a proper repair.


How long does the PDR process take?

Most damage can be completed within a work day.  Smaller door dings could take as little as 45 minutes to repair.  Hail damage takes an average of 3 days to repair while in some instances can be done within single work day.

Does insurance cover the cost of PDR?

PDR can be covered by your insurance as long as the cost of the repair is not cheaper than your comprehensive deductible.  Common instances where insurance is utilized are:  Hail Damage, Deer or animal hits, or any large dent (bigger than a door ding).


Does Dent Vision work with my insurance company?

Dent Vision works with all insurance companies!  We are not necessarily on a “preferred list” or a “direct repair facility.”   This is common in the PDR industry, and not allowed for shops that do not offer complete auto-body repair.  This does not mean that we don’t work with your insurance company on a daily basis.


Do I have to file an insurance claim if I just want to pay out of pocket?

No, in fact, PDR or Hail Damage repair does not show up on Carfax and does not affect your clean car title.


Do you have loaner vehicles?

A loaner vehicle is available for small repairs that can be completed within a single day.


Do you offer pick up and drop off service?

We offer a limited service for this, depending on the size of repair and availability of staff. This is more commonly offered for WY and Denver residents in need of hail repair.