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Door Dings – Paintless Dent Repair

Door Ding


PDR is the art of removing dents, creases, and hail damage without the need for body fillers, sanding or painting while preserving your factory finish to ensure an original presentation of your vehicle.

Dents are not only unsightly blemishes to your vehicle, but they can really affect the value of your car. Don’t let these unfortunate circumstances hold you back from owning an otherwise spotless, beautiful vehicle. No matter the circumstances, we are here to help!

Typical cases involve:

  • Hail or Storm Damage
  • Door Dings
  • Shopping Carts
  • Rogue Objects
  • Vandalism
  • Driver Errors

Have dents on your automobile that you’ve been meaning to take care of? Stop by for a free estimate and our team can remove them instantly with our PDR process leaving your original paint intact. Sometimes accidents happen that are completely beyond your control, and your car takes a hit, whether it’s hail damage or a runaway shopping cart our team is here to help! The dents will be gone, but you can rest assured: we’re here to stay!




Are Door Dings covered under my insurance?
They can be but it’s generally not cost-effective to make a claim.

What type of policy covers door dings or dents?
Policies that are sold in finance, unfortunately, are generally a waste of money because of the denial rate of claims.

Do I need to know who dented my car or how it happened?
No, the severity is all that will determine the proper repair.

Should I just pay out of pocket so that my rates are not increased?
Yes, it is generally cheaper than meeting a deductible and paying possible increased rates. All insurance companies will vary though.  

How much does it cost?
Depending on the severity and placement pricing will be approximately – quarter size $100  – baseball-size $350 –  volleyball size $500.  We will provide you with a free estimate prior to any work being done. 

How long does the process take?
Smaller door dings take approx 30 minutes to an hour – larger dents or multiple dents around the car can take a full day. Most repairs can be done in a day or less.  We will be able to give you a better idea when we access the damage.  

I want to sell/trade-in my car will car dealers deduct dents and dings from the price?
Yes, especially big dents and hail damage.  Car dealers and buyers love to look for reasons to deduct value from your vehicle.  Door Dings and dents especially are unsightly and they will deduct far more than the actual cost to fix on your own.